About Us

We started GetitGotitMine LLC as a way to promote certain words to the world.  New words that are to enlightened.  Some words may be current words that show a better definition, or past one that shows what it was suppose to mean, until change happened.  Graphics of fun and interesting ways to be funny!  We trust that you enjoy the site and will buy something!  If not that's fine too.  No matter what enjoy the site and continue on!

This is because the site is based on three things. 

Getit(Get it) = Green for Go = find what you want! 

Gotit(Got it) = Yellow for Change = Set up your order for this product!

Mine(Mine) = Red for Stop = Getting your order!

After this you will have the excitement of it when it come through your door!  Please let us know of any issues during any of this time.


We truly trust you enjoy the site.
Nick Masters,
GetitGotitMine LLC